Puyang Yintai specialize in producing and sell Redispersible Polymer Powder,Cellulose Ethers,PP Fiber,Calcium Formate

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  • PP Fiber& AlkaliResistanceStrong2. General APPlicationPolypropylene fiber used in ...2016-06-23 16:57:31
  • About Uspowder,cellulose ethers,calcium and PP fiber.   There are 150 staffs and f...2019-08-19 20:12:21
  • Redispersible Polymer Powder film-forming temperature(MFFT) oC,aPProx+4oC0 oC0 oC0 oC0 oC0 oC0 oC+4 oC...2018-09-07 15:36:11
  • Cellulose Etherserature(℃)52-6758-6462-6870-7960-90APPearance    White or light white powd...2018-09-07 15:20:07
  • Calcium Formate0.0Moisture % max1.0PH Value6.0-7.5APPearanceWhite Powder2. General APPlic...2016-07-30 11:37:47
  • Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC)place away from heat and sunlight. APPlication: Paint Grade Physical formw...2016-06-15 09:03:18
  • PVA FIBER. Packing: Bags of 20kgs , or 170kg/PP bag or as customers requirements6. ...2017-01-21 09:05:28
  • The technical data of sheet of HPMCes(WT%)-pharm grade≤ 1.5Heavy metal(PPM)-pharm grade≤ 20Arsenic(PPM)-pharm...2016-07-17 00:45:17
  • Technical Data Sheet of HEMCsity(mpa.s)5-2000003.Properties:(1)APPearance:HEMC is a white or light gra...2016-06-12 17:06:23
  • Redispersible Polymer PowderAPPearance:White powder,freely flow Stabilizing system:Polyvinyl alcoholAdd...2016-06-12 17:02:44
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