Puyang Yintai specialize in producing and sell Redispersible Polymer Powder,Cellulose Ethers,PP Fiber,Calcium Formate

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  • Technical Data Sheet of HEMCucture:2.Specification:Product nameHEMCMethoxyl content(WT%)  22.0~32.0Gel...2016-06-12 17:06:23
  • About Usapacity for cellulose ethers (HPMC,HEMC,MC,HEC,CMC) is 10000MT, annual pro...2019-03-24 15:23:35
  • Cellulose Ethersethyl methyl celluloseGradeMCMEMFMKHEMCMethoxyl(Wt%)28-3228-3227-3019-2422...2018-09-07 15:20:07
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